Sharing A 2-Bedroom Apartment With A Roommate? Look For These Features

Jun 22, 2023Blog

What you want or need out of an apartment tends to be quite different when living with a roommate compared to living alone or with a romantic partner. Here are a few features you should look for in a 2-bedroom you’ll share with a roommate.

Two Bathrooms

When you both wake up and get ready to go in the morning, you will not want to trip over each other to use one bathroom. An apartment with two bathrooms will be far more usable. If each bedroom has its bathroom associated with it, that’s great. However, you’ll often find a bathroom connected to one bedroom, plus a second shared bathroom off the hall or living room. This setup can work; make sure you decide which roommate gets the bedroom with the attached bathroom.

Plenty of Kitchen Storage

Having two people with two different palates and sets of food preferences often means lots of items in the kitchen. So, ensure the apartment you rent has lots of space in the kitchen. Ideally, the space should also be easy to divide. For example, if there is a large pantry, you could put your items on the top three shelves and let your roommate have the bottom three shelves. The same goes for the fridge; you want an amply-sized one when living with a roommate.

Bedroom Location

It’s often best if the bedrooms are not located right next to one another. This way, you won’t keep each other awake if you and your roommate have different sleep schedules. A living room or a hall between the bedrooms can make for more peaceful living.

Parking for Two Cars

If you and your roommate have cars, make sure there is space to park two vehicles at the apartment. Some apartment communities only issue one parking spot per apartment, even if there are two people, which is not ideal if you both have cars. Suppose you’ll have to pay extra for a second parking spot, factor that in when comparing apartment prices.

If you find an apartment with the features above, it will often be suitable for two roommates to share. Contact a local real estate service to learn more about 2-bedroom apartment rentals.

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